About Les Tuileries Bakery

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A little about me, I grew up watching my grandmother bake and decorate cakes. I was always fascinated in her talents working with buttercream and delicious cake fillings. As I got older granny retired and I went on to live my life geared towards the 8-5 office hours. Recently I had picked up baking for family and friends because I did not like the grocery store cakes, they were too dry or had too much frosting that just wasn’t enjoyable. Homemade cakes were delicious but they were lacking the nice decorative look. So I took up a cake decorating class and self-taught techniques to create fun unique cakes.

Every Cake I make is unique and custom to every request. This site is just to give ideas of the possibilities of cake flavors and estimated pricing. Please contact me with any inquiries you may have. I will be happy to answer your questions and put my talents to your custom cake order.

Thank you,